Bike Build For Charity

A Bike Build for Charity Outside Group ShotWelcome to Bike Build For Charity, home of charity bicycle team building events. Our fun, light-spirited charity team building events combine fun and philanthropic giving with educational lessons for your team.

We know that your group may not work together in the same team, the same business unit, the same building, or even on the same continent with today’s global workplace. Different personality styles, different opinions, different cultures, even different languages. We bridge those communication gaps with two common themes: fun and philanthropy.

There’s MUCH more to a bike build charity event than, well, just building bikes. Anybody with a hint of mechanical aptitude can build bikes with the appropriate parts and tools in a relatively short time. And there’s the catch!

We combine brain-teasing challenges and problem-solving activities which require team input in order to earn all of the necessary parts and tools to assemble the bikes. It’s not about being the fastest, the strongest, the smartest, it’s about working together as a team to piece together the puzzles necessary to finish first. All too often people are excluded from crucial processes and decisions in the workplace because they’re simply not included. Helping your team to pitch in together in these workshops teaches real-world skills which carry over back into the workplace. Everybody wins!

A Bike Build For Charity Event - Girl With BikeWe have workshops available to suit every schedule and every budget, from classic non-charitable team building to bicycle team building, stuffed animals, wagons filled with items for local charities, and pretty much anything else you can think of. We completely customize each and every bike build charity workshop to meet YOUR needs, not some pre-canned “we only do it THIS way” like you’ll find with other vendors.

The only way that we’re successful is if you’re successful, and we count on each of our clients becoming our ambassadors as well as repeat business!

Your event will be what everyone will be talking about around the water cooler next week!

Contact us today and let us show you how we can make you successful.